• The 4 essential steps for a carefully structured and considered CRO project

    Organisations are becoming increasingly interested in conversion ratio optimisation. Logical, because website conversion ratios are very important. Small improvements to essential moments of interaction (such as in the funnel), can generate huge increases in the number of conversions. Conversion optimisation is therefore a good way to gain more customers – without having to increase either your media budget or campaign activities.

  • How to write content that converts?

    How to write content that converts?

    You have a mind-blowingly funky new website. You even did the content mapping and you’re absolutely convinced that your site offers just what your visitors want. From the tip of their toes. More than strawberry chocolate cake.There is only one problem. A rather big one: they are not converting. They’re not buying, they’re not signing up, they’re not contacting you. They’re not doing what you want them to do. Instead, they leave. Off to greener grasses.

  • When worlds collide: The luxury and digital sectors

    When worlds collide: The luxury and digital sectors

    One could think that the luxury sector, essentially timeless, and the digital industry, disruptive by nature, would be worlds apart. And yet these two ecosystems, embodying very different temporalities, are capable of interacting and creating exciting new trends. Valtech has been accompanying leading luxury brands for over 20 years. As a privileged witness of the digital revolution and an actor in these transformations, we take a look at this improbable encounter between the luxury and digital worlds.


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