• See yourself on digital!

    See yourself on digital!

    This year, we wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything at CES in Las Vegas. We believe as digital disruptors, we have to be up front and centre to learn about the new technologies to help your customers through their digital transformation.

  • Stay safe and die

    Stay safe and die

    WIRED Retail together with Valtech is our annual exploration of the ever-changing world of commerce, featuring leading technologists, entrepreneurs and creatives innovating in sectors as diverse as robotics, virtual reality and the future of home delivery. Here are some insights from Valtech's presentation.

  • The timely schizophrenia of digital fitness

    I dove into fitness 3 years ago with the primary goal of losing weight, and I was quickly blown away by all the different ways to go: YouTube videos, Facebook programs, eBooks, etc. It took me a while to make an educated choice and join what would become a real “fitness family”. I soon got passionate about the power and influence of digital in this community and its members’ journey. As I am making my first steps as a young digital strategist, I took to heart retracing my steps and writing down my impressions about this gripping, paradoxical world.

  • What it means to be a social brand in 2016

    One of the most complicated challenges in digital this year was how to play your cards right in the social media game. And let’s be honest: in 2015, a lot of advertisers failed. There were numerous traps: new platforms, revised algorithms, cases of force majeure, underlying stagnation… But don’t you panic! So you can thrive next semester, we got your back with this sweet cheat sheet.