• What's Next for IoT?

    It happened with personal computers and the World Wide Web. Soon after, came email. Next were social networks, smart phones and smart watches, and it will inevitably happen with the Internet of Things. Here's a hint: I’m talking about personalization, the next transformation within the internet-connected devices industry.

  • A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Retail VR

    A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Retail VR

    Don’t panic. Not yet. There's still time… but don't ignore the facts: Bundling VR headsets with smartphones is making headway, and VR is becoming highly accessible. VR is in its first billion-dollar investment year as we look at the first two months of 2016. VR has already become a powerful tool in the gaming, aerospace and medical industry, but is ready to make headway in many more industries.

  • What you can learn from Dr. Phil on how to make your customers stay in love with you!

    In a time where customers can walk away from you whenever they feel they can do better elsewhere, having good relationships is critical for your success as a business. As in any relationship, there are some key ingredients that are essential for success. So when I researched for a recent webinar, hosted with our partner Innometrics, "Love Smart" by Dr. Phil popped up, and who better to give advice on happy relationships?

  • Retail - A Digital Affair

    The key challenge for a Brand in the 21st century is to be able to send the right Brand message to the Consumer amidst the marketing noise, get them involved and initiated with the brand.

  • What is Tech Girl?

    What is Tech Girl?

    Tech Girl is a program aimed for girls to spark their interest in technology and increase their knowledge of programming. We invite girls to our office and teach them programming in Scratch and HTML. And we also make a visit to the Royal institute of Technology.

    Funda Denizhan
  • Interviewing Scrum Master: Ines Stuppacher

    The digital revolution is inseparable from the use of agile solutions. A framework within this agile world is Scrum, with the Scrum Master playing a vital role. Ines Stuppacher, Scrum Master at Valtech Germany, gives insight into a position not many women occupy. Why is that?