• The 4 essential steps for a carefully structured and considered CRO project

    The 4 essential steps for a carefully structured and considered CRO project

    Organisations are becoming increasingly interested in conversion ratio optimisation. Logical, because website conversion ratios are very important. Small improvements to essential moments of interaction (such as in the funnel), can generate huge increases in the number of conversions. Conversion optimisation is therefore a good way to gain more customers – without having to increase either your media budget or campaign activities.

  • Valtech Store - a smart online experimental store!

    Valtech Store - a smart online experimental store!

    In our first blog post about the Valtech Store, we told you why we decided to convert a meeting room at our Stockholm offices into a store. Now it’s time to present the results of several months of hard work, a concept that touches on two fields we’re passionate about. First, how to create richer customer experiences using digital tools. Next, how we can set up data collection in the physical space.

  • It's time to add machine learning to your toolbox

    AI and machine learning are often thought of as something magical. We marvel at software that can do things that used to be the stuff of science fiction, and programs that are able to learn exactly what we want them to.

    Andreas Bjärlestam
  • Millennials - Digital & Connected, But Different.

    Millennials - Digital & Connected, But Different.

    Well at least I am. I was born with a mobile device in my hand, losing it would literary be like losing a limb. I am what most of you retailers call ‘a pain in the ass’ and what my parents call ‘over dramatic’. I am sure I have giving you a hard time. But now, I want to help you. I want to clarify something about me that will probably surprise you.

  • Space, the final frontier: man and technology all set to conquer space

    Ever since Sputnik was launched and Laika the dog was sent into orbit in 1957, mankind has continued to explore space relentlessly. The current rapidly accelerating development of technology is paving the way to conquer lands beyond our atmosphere. Ideas that were often written off as mere fairy tales or science fiction in the past are getting closer and closer to reality. Life on Mars, developing satellite launch services… We are starting a new chapter in the story of the human race. Even though most of us still have our feet on the ground, we are starting to see just how far exploring the solar system has enabled mankind to progress. It is not just limited to launching a missile or putting a satellite in orbit; those are just the starting point that allow us to imagine a future where everything is possible.

  • 5 tips for idea generation in everyday life

    5 tips for idea generation in everyday life

    As User Experience Designers, coming up with ideas and new solutions is a big part of our job, whether it’s fine-tuning the details or coming up with new concepts. When we conduct workshops and idea generation sessions with and on behalf of others, using different methods is a matter of course for us. But what about when we want to generate ideas on our own or together with the colleague next to us?

    Teresia Schullstrom
    • Julia Davidsson
  • #talkofthetown


    As the 65th London Fashion Week hits the capital, we look back at which brands grabbed the Twitter limelight at the last #LFW in September '16

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