• Last Mile eCommerce Headaches in India

    India has been one of the late immigrants to the eCommerce world and is still struggling to solve several eCommerce challenges. Last mile delivery constitutes one of the major challenges apart from those associated with cultural, linguistic, and infrastructural issues in India.

  • Data and Healthcare: the New Treasure Island...

    Today, connected health is a “trending” topic. Some members of the GAFA, not counting start-ups specializing in the healthcare revolution or in biotechnology, are investing a lot of money, by following a very Californian guideline: change the world...

  • Trend spotting: Mobile payment solutions

    We, Teresia and Caroline, User Experience Designers at Valtech Sweden, are fascinated by these new possibilities. We are also privileged to be working on e-commerce and payment solutions, and on how they interface with the needs and expectations of consumers. Without further ado, we present our trend spotting feature!

    Caroline Otterud
    • Teresia Schullstrom
  • Digital Learning: Doing your Digital Homework

    Digital Learning: Doing your Digital Homework

    Nobody likes doing homework do they? Little kids, teenagers, university students… it’s not exactly an exciting experience, even for those of us on the nerdy side. Training at work, in any form, is often perceived as homework. One might not have to execute it at ‘home’ but it’s still the same feeling isn’t it?