• AI, chatbots and the customer dialogue of tomorrow

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s prediction last spring that we are headed into an “AI first” world gives us some idea of where companies will be focusing their digital efforts going forward.

    Petter Green
  • From Service to Experience

    From Service to Experience

    Going into a store and buying something was once considered an experience in itself. However, today’s craving connected customers are demanding something much more special and memorable. But how can retailers deliver these memorable unique experiences?

  • Meet My Shopping Assistant - My Phone!

    You’ve probably seen me in your store a couple of times, with eyes glued to a four-inch screen and fingers tapping and snapping as I walk around. To say I am ‘in love’ with my phone would be an understatement – I am rather obsessed!

  • Rekindling the travelling experience

    Digital allows for the emergence of new actors, who are making travel planning easier before the holidays. But those pure players are associated with a rather cold and disembodied feel, even though they are the primary contact point of customers looking for new experiences, adventures and discoveries.