A 360° client view or New technologies for new ways to work


A well-designed platform to fit the company’s “one web” digital transformation strategy

Allianz is a German financial services company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Its core businesses are insurance and asset management. As of 2014, it is the world's largest insurance company and largest financial services group. 

Allianz wished to expand its CMS in France in order to simplify processes and obtain cost alignment. The ultimate goal Allianz intended to reach was to rationalize business needs, by handling only necessary operations, in order to concentrate on adding value to its offering.

The motivation to change the way business was handled was a consequence of implementing the brand’s “one web” transformation strategy. Digitalizing data, and offering better services to the customer while gaining in rationalization, all came from the new strategy being deployed throughout the company.

Also, the new version of the website needed to be more fun, interactive and responsive, to facilitate the change and capture the customer’s interest.

Valtech was commissioned to deliver the solution and elaborate its framework.

Agile teamwork makes for a resounding success

The IT and marketing teams in both France and Germany worked hand in hand, in agile mode: a major success factor of the assignment. It allowed for the constant integration of business feedback throughout the project, covering the public pages, the retail & professional customer portals, and finally the group insurance customer portals. No data was left behind, and no paper either!

A unified client database

The end result of this deep involvement from all teams was a multi-distribution platform with seamless integration of physical channels, call centers and the web. The unified client database enabling a 360° client view was born, with no paper trail and more tasks handled directly by customers than by Allianz staff! A great way to be environment-friendly and efficient. By building an agile IT landscape connected to well-asserted business needs, Allianz proved its readiness for digital transformation and dematerialization. Robust and reliable, the platform also ensures success for the mid and long terms.


By the end of the project, there were zero paper processes in place: everything had been dematerialized. A million+ administrative actions were handled directly by clients, leaving more time and resources for Allianz to add value elsewhere. In addition, 10% of new business was generated through the website. A great success for Allianz and for Valtech.