Hoyts Cinemas

A digital cinema experience

Hoyts Cinemas

Hoyts engaged Valtech to redesign the complete digital user experience across all lines of their business, including Hoyts Cinema, Hoyts Kiosk (DVD rentals) and Hoyts Stream. We also helped build their Digital Ticketing Kiosks.

A digital productionhoyts-kiosk

The mandate was straight-forward. Hoyts wanted a complete overhaul and redesign of the digital user experience across all lines of their business. This would include front-end and back-end design and functionality. They chose Valtech to punch their ticket.

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The project included Hoyts Cinema websites and apps, Hoyts Kiosk (DVD rentals) and Hoyts Streaming, and we also helped in building their Digital Ticketing Kiosks. To make all of these work in harmony, Valtech developed an integrated Single Sign-On facility, a Loyalty & Rewards program across all businesses, as well as digital ticket storage, credit card recognition, user notifications, contextual cross promotions and more.

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The continuity of all of these systems has significantly increased the efficiency of the ticket purchasing and movie going and viewing experiences. Additionally, our work on the Digital Ticketing Kiosks created an intuitive touchscreen experience, reducing queues and wait-times and staffing overheads, and is integrated with all other Hoyts’ systems.