Global corporate website relaunch


The new full service for musicians, fans and corporations

BMG, the fourth largest music publisher in the world, entrusted Valtech with the re-launch of its international homepage. The challenge was to update the page with a responsive display, an attractive and emotional design, the accumulation of artists’ public outreach (social media, news, releases), as well as the best possible clarity for customers.

A greater porfolio

The new website, launched in December 2015, comprises all key areas of BMG, from recording and production to synchronization and licensing, and presents its artists attractively on that platform.  Corporations benefit from a quick overview of all artists, songwriters and catalogues in BMG’s portfolio. Furthermore they can contact BMG directly in regard to licensing questions.

Quick and secure access to all updates

The new BMG website is administered by the CMS solution Magnolia 5.3 and offers specific content for more than 10 countries. All content can be easily expanded. A particular focus was to simplify access and speed of all processes. About 10 editors worldwide are working with the system to ensure daily updates and artist information. Automated social media feeds are compiled hourly from diverse sources. Furthermore, brings clients an additional distribution channel by linking to Spotify and Amazon.

Reflecting the quality of the BMG brand now offers more information, a better overview of BMG’s scope and, most of all, a brand-specific portal via videos, songs and clear language.  The new web presence conveys BMG’s high standards regarding service, quality and transparency.

“BMG is one of the most renowned corporations of the global market – and the new web presence reflects that perfectly. From desktop to smartphone.” (Sebastian Hentzschel, SVP, Group IT & Systems BMG)