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Providing seamless experience to sports enthusiasts!


SportXS is one of the upcoming online sports store. Increase in demand for their products across various Indian states and increase in cost of selling through market place, Sport XS decided to have their own ecommerce site. The eCommerce store developed by one of Bangalore based company failed to deliver a good performance and fully functional eCommerce store that affected SportXS revenue and conversions. SportXS approached Valtech to stabilize the eCommerce Store, improve the performance and user experience, increase online presence.

Reverse Engineer

Valtech refactored existing code that was developed on Magento platform for a relaunch. The site was further enhanced and optimized for providing a flexibility and rich user experience. "Valtech redesigned SportXS user interface, integrated the store inventory with the online store and synchronize inventory from Decathlon on periodic basis , improved website response, implemented advanced product search and optimized the order & payment features".


The newly enhanced site features and redesign of eCommerce site helped improve the overall user experience, stabilized the site, improved the response time that tripled the conversion rate and allowed customers to search the product easily. Overall, Valtech succeeded in delivering a seamless shopping experience to their customers. There was also a significant increase in visitors, transactions and users.