Start your eCommerce shop on Magento 2

in 2 weeks

Start your eCommerce 
shop on Magento 2

Why we do this

For small and middle businesses to operate online

We want the companies, which do not have an online store and cannot operate properly due to consequences of the quarantine, could offer the customers their products and services online. We want you to be in touch with your customer, therefore, we have created an opportunity to develop an online store on Magento.

The promotional offer is valid from June 1 to August 31, 2020

How we do this

Why Magento?

✓ Magento Open Source is a free platform with no license or transaction charge
✓ Reliable technology for small, medium, and large businesses
✓ A lot of functionality not requiring additional or custom development
✓ Easy connect to delivery and payment services
✓ Flexible to expand when business grows
✓ Ability to self-manage without external support
✓ One-time cost to launch the store



Your powerful online store in 2 weeks

Offer details

Powerful scalable shop at affordable price

Magento Open Source is all-in-one solution that delivers rich out-of-the-box features. Endlessly customizable with seamless third-party integrations designed for growth, from the global leader in reliable commerce solutions. We propose 3 options depending on your needs with basic eCom functionality for a quick start.

  Express Start+ Growing
Basic functionality      
Basic system setup and configuration + + +
Adjustment for mobile and tablets + + +
Admin panel EN by default + + +
Setting up a corporate identity + + +
Setting up a template design for business - - +
Setting up an additional language - - +
Home Page + + +
Site Search + + +
Product Listing Page and Search Result Page + + +
Product Detailed Page + + +
Product Reviews + + +
User Registration and Account + + +
Card Page + + +
Checkout Page + + +
Registration via Facebook, Gmail - + +
Newsletter Subscription - + +
Promotion Settings - + +
Payment and shipping      
Card payment via Visa and MasterCard - + +
Free shipping and cash on delivery + + +
Site configuration      
Admin roles configuration + + +
Import configuration:      
Products manual csv csv
Prices manual csv csv
Inventory manual csv csv
Export configuration:      
Orders manual csv csv
Customer updates manual csv csv
Consulting on hosting and domain + + +
1-month support 4 hrs / week 8 hrs / week 10 hrs / week
Implementation duration* 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks

* Implementation duration depends on how timely Customer provides Valtech with domain, hosting, categories tree, product attributes list and sample csv file with Products catalog.

How to start

Please fill in the form and get an instruction with step-by-step guide.