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At Valtech, we imagine and create the world of tomorrow!

With more than 4,000 digital innovators, creative minds, developers, designers, and experts working in 50 offices around the world, Valtech is known for its end-user-focused approach and its innovative spirit.

At Valtech, we are passionate about our three values: Share, Dare, and Care. And we’re always thinking about the people behind our digital projects, whether they’re our clients or our employees.

In Montreal, the Valtech family’s hub of innovation, we’re a passionate group with one objective in mind: to create unique and personalized experiences to help our clients grow and to improve their lives!

Job Description


Portfolio Directors provide leadership to a Circle.

A Portfolio Director provides leadership to a Circle – in this case, the North America Innovation LAB circle. 

You will have a big role in terms of innovation and emergent technologies.

The LAB’s mission is to discover and select new Commerce/Composable platforms and new emergent technologies to increase future sales.

As a Portfolio Director you have the responsibility to guide your team through thick and thin. You are always ensuring that your team happiness is at an all-time high and that deliveries are too!

Your role is to ensure that overall team performance is going above and beyond expectations. The Portfolio Director is able to think short, medium and long term on the Circle’s needs. 

In close collaboration with the Portfolio Directors of other Client Circles, you will have the opportunity to coordinate the appropriate operations on the accounts. Project managers, Expertise Leads and the Managing Director can also be pillars of support to the Project Director. 

When making decisions, it is your responsibility to put in practice the advice process. This process ensures that everyone who will be meaningfully affected, and people with expertise in the matter, will be consulted to inform the decision that needs to be made. It is about accessing collective wisdom in pursuit of a sound decision.

  • You have a key role in the management of various projects to identify and play with new platforms in Commerce/Composable and other emerging technologies.
  • Important role in terms of innovation and emergent technologies. The LAB’s mission is to discover and select new Commerce/Composable platforms and new emergent technologies to increase future sales.
  • Align client expectations with team delivery for all client work.
    Manage working conditions for the team, including short team staff issues and long-term team composition and team motivation.
  • Align priorities and workload with Portfolio Director from another Client circles and the LAB Governance Team. 
    Provide detailed reporting and forecasts for short, medium and long-term goals.
  • Control the Circle’s health and performance, and take appropriate actions based on the advice process.

Your participation:

  • Presence in the defined rituals.
  • Onboarding in the Client Circle and making sure that the workspace and tools are ready.
  • Vacation approvals (in collaboration with the Account Director(s) and Project Manager(s).
  • Help with conflict resolution, based on the advice process.
  • Caring of your team members (team happiness, birthdays, get togethers, best conditions to perform, etc.).
  • Performance reviews, salary raise recommendations, hiring and letting go (in collaboration with Expertise Leads and People & Engagement Director).

Your support:

  • Support group during which time is dedicated to share your experiences amongst yourselves, as Portfolio Director 
  • In-house support from Managing Directors, People & Engagement Director, Senior North America EVP and VP and other Portfolio Directors as well as other senior teammates within the agency
  • Additional professional training upon request


  • Strong communication skills - written and oral, in both English
  • You have experience in a management or leadership role
  • You are driven by new and emerging technologies and have great IT knowledge
  • You have at least 10 years of relevant work experience within the project management field and 5+ years of experience in program and/or portfolio management
  • MBA (or equivalent)
  • A relevant project management certification (PMP; PgMP, PfMP, Prince2, APM, etc)
  • At least one business certification in a relevant domain (retail, beauty, store operations & multi-channel operations, business intelligence (BI), sales force automation, digital transformation, technology (IBM, Adobe, Sitecore, Acquia, etc)

Job Location

1611 Boul Crémazie E, #301
Montréal, QC H2M 2R9, Canada



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