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The most progressive and Dynamic Media company

Foxtel brings the best in live sport, new movies, new shows and complete seasons, live and on demand anytime, anywhere. Engaging with Valtech results in a match made in digital heaven. The Long-term Relationship delivers UX and technical development for Foxtel’s flagship products and websites for example; Foxtel Now, Foxtel Play, Foxtel Broadband Bundles and Foxtel Guide.


Achieving Optimal efficiency

Valtech were able to identify and resolve areas of uncertainty while generating the technological capabilities of numerous consumer products and programs using Adobe Experience Manager Assets.


Results you see today

Results of the Foxtel and Valtech engagement include iOS/Android  apps  for  the  original  Foxtel  Guide  and  Presto  products. Not forgetting the intuitive set  of second  screen  companion  apps  to  complement  their  subscription  based  video  service. Valtech has also worked with Foxtel on their consumer facing AEM websites, upgrading from CQ 5.6.1 to AEM 6.3 and helping to deliver new marketing and brand experiences.

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