Giving the Gift of Seamless E-commerce Integration

Giving the Gift of
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Get to Know Myron

Since 1949, businesses have relied on Myron and their products to help create and sustain unbreakable bonds with their clients, prospects and employees. Transforming their business from containing a single sewing machine and heat-sealing device to North America’s largest mail order company, to a suite of global brands – Myron founders Mike and Elaine Adler believed that gift giving should “evoke emotion and convey true thoughtfulness.” As one of today’s reigning global direct marketers of personalized business gifts, Myron still ingrains the Adler’s humble mantra of quality, affordability, style and service into each of their products and online buying experiences.


The Mix of Direct and Digital

In this digital age, more than 89% of B2B audience is using the Internet during the research process. Myron needed to digitally embody their core service values and product variety in a global, dynamic, B2C-simulating platform to encourage brand loyalty and efficiently engage with their current and potential client base.

With the sun setting on their existing platform, Myron needed to replace its eCommerce platform with an eye on globalization in hopes of supporting localization for language and currencies to keep the pace with their expansive business­– which now operates in 12 countries. Myron sought to build a single, solid e-commerce platform without compromising their brisk business requirements or their close-knit interactions with their customer base. With the instinctual tenacity to create progressive, globalized solutions and the ability to maintain a devoted partnership with SAP CX, Myron chose Valtech to further their business and relationship-building techniques.

New platform allows for: Increased product mix, including 80,000 apparel sku's, 60% of all outbound phone sales contact now interact with the website and 200,000 additional sku's added


Myron Teams up with Valtech for Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment

To seamlessly transition Myron’s 12 different websites to an updated system, Valtech replaced Myron’s former platform with SAP CX’s carefully constructed, yet dynamically built and open-integrated technologically-stacked eCommerce platform. The new platform enabled Myron to successfully launch all 12 updated sites and their newfound hosting environments at once that, to this day, continuously evolves with Myron’s fast-paced, ever-changing business requirements.

Ultimately, Valtech helped Myron’s “gift for building business” transcend into their digital presence by presenting both current and prospective promo gift fiends with a simplified price model; including personalized and customized pricing without having to set up an account, an updated, functional design, user-friendly navigation and advanced search tools, and an overall supplementary sales resource for both customers and Myron’s 1,400+ worldwide sales reps.


Digital Adoption

Through proficient design services, development, a complex, multi-faceted launch and, most importantly, constant collaboration with Myron, Valtech was able to create a contemporary and polished digital display mirroring Myron’s mission to be the “leading marketer of stylish, high-quality, personalized gifts.”

As B2B e-commerce continues to grow it is expected to hit a whopping $12 trillion in sales by 2020! Valtech continues to navigate the upcoming changes in platform updates, business requirements and B2B trends for Myron for many years to come without forgetting Myron’s simple roots of being a mail order, handcrafted gift supplier.

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Meet The Challenges Of Today's Digital Economy