Digitizing South Tyrol for a Stronger Global Presence

A Public Entity Gets a Travel and Hospitality Upgrade

Digitizing South Tyrol for a Stronger Global Presence



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Get to know IDM South Tyrol

As an initiator and driving force of sustainable economic development, IDM South Tyrol seeks to make South Tyrol the most desirable sustainable living space in Europe by focusing on sustainability, internationalization, innovation and regionality—and now digitization. The name is derived from three terms that are intended to be the program and focus for the service provider for the South Tyrolean economy: innovation, development and marketing.   

The services they provide aim to contribute to better economic sustainability, while at the same time strengthening the competitiveness of local businesses through targeted tourism and agricultural marketing. That is why, aside from many quality products such as wine and cosmetics, IDM supports film productions, and this way strengthens South Tyrol as a film location.  

IDM South Tyrol

A Digital Map to Becoming a Regional Brand  

IDM South Tyrol commissioned Valtech to successfully advance the use of digitization in the tourism sector. Before the collaboration between Valtech and IDM South Tyrol, it was difficult for many small websites to compete internationally due to limited and outdated systems with few site visits. For the most part, there was a lack of networking and the database to advertise in a needs-oriented and targeted manner. A lot of the products and countless activities that South Tyrol has to offer were not even available online through IDM’s primary site.  

To solve this problem, Valtech was commissioned to create one common and solidly positioned marketplace.

First Steps

The main goal was to enable a more effective and efficient data-based marketing service. During the strategy phase in 2020, the first important steps were defined, which mainly involved improving and expanding the booking process. From the very beginning, the goal was to create a unique platform with a wide reach that could bring South Tyrol’s destinations, accommodations, leisure activities and regional products such as wine or smoked ham to life online. At the same time, we assisted IDM in implementing an agile organizational development process so that the new platform could be used efficiently and effectively in the future. 


Together with Valtech, IDM South Tyrol will launch a new platform that will serve as a central service that unites the booking, renting, and buying of South Tyrolian goods and offers. This multi-channel cross-marketing strategy will open a way for guests to simultaneously combine quality products like wine or cosmetics and activities such as mountain climbing with the booking of their accommodation. Thus, IDM’s guests can become buyers or buyers will turn into guests in the future. Here it was important to provide customer support on all channels.  

IDM South Tyrol

AI and Machine Learning Create Returning Guests

One of the main aspects will be to keep good contact with guests to successfully turn them into returning guests. To make this possible, Valtech’s idea was to use artificial intelligence and machine learning for personalized assistance to show users suggestions based on their preferences. The website as well as the app and the guest card can be used to collect, link and analyze information on the interests, behavior and insights of guests. In this way, guests can conveniently plan their entire vacation digitally, from arrival to departure. Another important point is that the new platform can eventually increase sales within the South Tyrolean products and other local offers. The MVP for the website is expected to be launched in 2023, with further touchpoints to be relaunched in the following years. 

"The versatile involvement of Valtech has created the basis for driving the digital transformation even more strongly through concrete projects—above all also through the networking of our regional companies—and making the South Tyrolean economy fit for the future." 

Erwin Hinteregger CEO of IDM South Tyrol 


Joining Forces and Becoming One

In South Tyrol, there are currently 72 tourism associations and other organizations, e. g. for South Tyrolian quality products, with their own smaller websites. Competing against larger platforms like booking.com for accommodations. To make the offers of these associations more quickly accessible and better combinable with the accommodations and relevant local producers such as winery and service-providers like tours and ski schools, we will bundle all the relevant content from smaller websites into the relaunched suedtirol.info. After several stakeholder interviews and discovery workshops, we prepared the relaunch of suedtirol.info that will represent the central contact point for all tourists, as well as for people living in South Tyrol.  

The new marketing strategy will as well strengthen South Tyrol's international positioning, supported by improved collaboration processes.  

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