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Get to Know KMD

KMD is a leading supplier of IT solutions for Danish municipalities with services ranging from consulting and development through implementation to operation, maintenance, and support. Solution focused, KMD had an old platform that challenged their progress. The goal for their new site was to give users easier access to information for their segment – finding material, information, and contacts. 


Ticket to a Great Solution

Sitecore has been the go to for many companies. Valtech’s solution and choice of Sitecore was to get a future secured platform that can be supported by both internal and external developers. KMD also wanted a platform with integrated solutions for optimization, automation, and analytics. It gives them better opportunities to communicate more efficiently with the customers through relevant and targeted content.

When Consultants Collaborate

Delivering their goals, Valtech’s efforts resulted in major strides for KMD. The number of returning visits increased and the conversion rate of Google Adwords improved.

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