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Interactivity everywhere
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Blending the physical and digital with omnichannel customer experience

Connected experiences

Creating a space where digital enhance the physical world allows you to build a deeper customer relationship. As you continue to innovate a frictionless, smart and emotive experience, that bond becomes more personalized, rewarding and interactive.

Interactivity everywhere

Create interactive worlds with our themed entertainment studio. Sparking imagination, transforming physical interactions and integrating the full ecosystem.

content creation & production

media buying & campaign planning

creative & content strategy

channel management

content migration

social & community

Data Activation

Unlock unique experiences and connect consumers in new ways with the power of data. Extend the experience beyond a single touchpoint and immerse them in a full omnichannel experience.

Transformative Retail

Transform physical retail without the need for costly construction or store closures with our Dynamic Store Offering. Driven by data, delivered by tech.

Nathalie Beugé at Decathlon.png

It would take 500m of space to expose all the tents versus 5m with VR

Nathalie Beugé
Digital Transformation & e-commerce leader / Decathlon


Applied innovation

From ideation workshops and discovery projects to design and development, our cross disciplinary global teams deliver connected, personalised and omnichannel experiences that convert. From retail stores to theme parks, we work with the world’s leading brands to transform their business with the thoughtful and creative application of data and technology.


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