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Imagine a world where you, as a consumer, could “test drive” more than just products, but actual experiences, before you buy. For example, you could virtually explore a hotel and all its amenities before booking, or you could virtually apply paint samples to your living room walls before selecting a color. With immersive VR/AR technology, these experiences are possible. Consumers are no longer limited by two-dimensional mediums.

New digital technologies are exciting. Not only because of what they are, but because of what they can accomplish. Brands invested in digital transformation and long-term success must unfold human problems of higher order and utilize emerging digital technology to address them. Valtech is in the business of working with brands to discover future potential and finding, adapting or creating the technology to make it happen. We bring the latest innovative technology to the table and help our clients grasp the opportunities by accelerating innovation — from ideation to concept design, development, testing and deployment.

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