Build Seamless Experiences Across Multiple Touchpoints

Experience-driven commerce is the next evolutionary step from the basic e-commerce solutions that most consumer-facing brands have introduced in recent years. It is a rich customer touchpoint where the brand promise is prevalent through engaging content, where excellent customer service is available on demand, and where integration with other digital channels and customer touchpoints is nearly seamless. For the customer, it’s not just shopping – it’s a brand experience.

Soon, interfaces will no longer be necessary to mediate the engagement between machines and humans.

Damien Lefebvre, eVP North America, Montreal

At Valtech, we design, build and run content, commerce and machine learning platforms based on the best software in the world. We offer solutions including Web Analytics, Custom Application Development, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Data Management Platforms, Marketing Automation and Personalization, Digital Workplace and Intranet, e-commerce, Web Content Management, OTT Media and Product Information Management (PIM). We use either best of breed platforms from our partners or bespoke development to deliver immersive experiences to our clients and their customers.

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