Senior Digital Project Manager, Team AEM
Valtech Denmark

December 15, 2017

In the Nordics AEM is the big new thing. What is it, and what makes it so great? We’ll cover the basics and break it down in bite sizes.

Valtech's experience with AEM

We have been working with Adobe and its Experience Manager for over ten years here at Valtech. With clients ​such as ​BMW​, DSM, Dyneema​, Bombardier, ​Allegion​ and ​Airbus​, we’ve had to deal with a diverse mix of requirements and integrations to existing systems and process.

Besides, there’s plenty of backup out there to support our claim that AEM is one of the premier content management frameworks on the market. To give you one, they’ve been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant of web content management for seven years running.

So why is Adobe Experience Manager so great?

Parts of AEM’s success is down to the fact that it anticipates the need for business to ensure their content has global reach in the most efficient manner. AEM makes it easy to run multiple global sites from one shared instance and to ensure that assets and templates can be shared between sites but configured to appear as per localized branding. AEM is designed to make rollouts of localized and language specific versions of sites easier

When configured correctly this offers enterprise clients the ability to define a consistent web brand presence whilst also making it easy for local markets to reflect the individualism. AEM’s inbuilt user management ensures a good experience for the editor, as they only access the site and styles they require. It makes the challenging concept of managing a global web presence easy. New sites can reuse or extend existing components and styles to ensure scaling a web presence is easy.

Many of our customers turn to Adobe for robust management of international site portfolios. AEM is designed to make rollouts of localized and language specific versions of sites easier than many of its competitors. This is augmented with the fact that Adobe is continually adding new features and integrations into its ecosystem. Products like Analytics, Target and Campaign allow companies to enhance their digital offerings with data driven add-on’s designed to bring efficiency and unification into the marketing mix.

Valtech as trusted Adobe partner

Being a trusted Adobe Partner means we are some of the first to know of the new features that arrive, and in return, we provide Adobe with feedback from our experience of working with enterprise partners. The relationship has been incredible fruitful for both Valtech and Adobe and we hope that our shared qualities of innovation, tenacity, passion and desire for excellence will see the relationship grow and prosper for another ten years to come.

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