Connect the Physical and Digital to Create Smart Connected Experiences

The first wave of Digital Transformation was about digitizing existing business.

We are now entering the second wave, where digitalization help create completely new services and reshape business models. It is about using sensors, data science and algorithms to create intelligent services that support business, which remove obstacles or friction in the relationship between companies and customers and that create rich and meaningful customer experiences.

The boundary between the physical and digital world is becoming increasingly blurry

It's about understanding the importance of the mobile as perhaps the most important point of interaction and preparing for new interfaces and interactions such as Voice, AR, or new digital screens that appear around the corner where MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud, Headless) contributes to speed and flexibility.

This merging of the physical and digital world offers tremendous new opportunities for businesses within the B2B and B2C marketplaces. Merging the physical and digital worlds has awakened a new realm of innovation.

We are seeing a huge demand across a wide array of industries, from retailers and brands to automotive, to reinvent what will be the stores, the showrooms or even the connected cars of the future. Experiences need to be fully personalized and service driven with no boundaries between physical and digital. 

- Olivier Padiou, Group Chief Operating Officer at Valtech

From discovery to design, build and scale

Our work usually begins with a discovery phase where we work closely with our customers around their challenges in an insight and idea driven approach with the goal of quickly creating prototypes that we can test against set goals before creating a roadmap.

  • Are we creating business value?
  • Have we removed friction or improved the customer experience?
  • Are we helping our clients in becoming more sustainable?
  • Is the solution technically feasible and scalable?

A test, measure, learn-culture

In the next phase - the solution phase - when we know what is to be designed and developed, the agile work with a 'test, measure, learn-culture' continues, but now the large frameworks for the assignment are set.  

As a global agency focused on business transformation, our services for Connected Experiences range from discovery where we push the envelope, we imagine with our clients the most seamless and innovate customer experiences, to create prototypes and experiments to validate concepts and feasibility. 

Valtech’s in-depth technical knowledge of deploying platforms at scale is also applied to connected experience platforms running at the core of successful and efficient physical digital experiences. Our methods have proven successful as we design and build connected retail experiences, spaces and connected products for prestigious brands like Levi’s, MAC, L’Oreal, Decathlon, American Girl and Audi.

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