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  • Company: Valyo
  • Theme: Challenging the Institutions in Finance
  • Name & Title: Daniel Schwab, CEO
  • Topics: Starting a New Business, From Pain to Product, Working with an MVP, Competing with Institutions, Learning-points for Startups

Forming a Business - From Pain to Reality

When you're picking a fight with giants, you're in it to win it.
Valyo has recently completed its two first bond transactions. That may not sound impressive, but they are the first fully digital bond transactions, ever, and are thereby a direct challenge for the insitutions of finance.

Daniel Schwab experienced ineffecient processes when he was doing bond transactions in the traditional way and decided to do something about it. Now he's the CEO at Valyo. Listen and get inspired by his journey, as he decided to take on the giants of the industry.

"You have an idea, you start four years ago, you put a lot of work into it. And then finally - you get the result and you can say 'Wow, it works!'."

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