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Get to Know Mondelez

Mondelez International is the Food and Beverage manufacturer behind some of the world’s most popular snacks and candies. Such widely known brands as Nabisco, Cadbury and Kraft all have some of their most popular snacks manufactured and distributed by Mondelez. Oreos, Chips Ahoy! cookies, Ritz and Triscuit crackers are just a few of the snacks created by Mondelez.

Being comprised of multiple brands all over the world, Mondelez realized they needed to standardize their digital presence on a centralized CMS platform that would give Global IT the opportunity to drive efficiency through the reuse of templates and content distribution. To help meet their migration needs, they turned to Valtech.

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Growing Maturity

Prior to Valtech’s involvement, Mondelez had no standard representation of brand or messaging on its corporate website. The website was not built on a scalable platform and had no CMS platform at the foundation. Mondelez wanted to build a foundational corporate website where press releases, news and even company updates could be widely distributed.

After the discovery phase, the decision was made to update Mondelez’s version of Sitecore to a newer version better capable of meeting all of their needs.  Among other benefits, we thought this migration would introduce governance protocols to better control brand / design and messaging across corporate sites country to country and go a long way towards meeting Mondelez’s stated desire to distribute content geographically and display the content in the correct language as a default based on the incoming IP address.

Mondelez also had a stated desire to improve their own digital maturity while making more “data-driven decisions.” To facilitate this, we setup Google dashboards to collect and present important data needed to make the best decisions possible about content, campaigns and more, improving the site’s digital maturity.

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Putting the Focus on Sustainability

Mondelez has a strong Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance focus, and they wanted to make sure that came through loud and clear on the new site. Along those lines, it was very important that they have a space to provide content related to sustainability as often as reasonable, but also that that content be easily findable and clearly visible on the site.

We implemented better content selection functionality which included improved search functionality around inbound search referrals/terms as well as intelligent audience segmentation based on personal interests for the user. More advancements in personalization are still to come, but these changes ensure not only that Mondelez’s sustainability content is easily findable and accessible, but also that it’s being delivered to the people who most benefit from having it.

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The new Mondelez site launched in December 2019. The change in the presentation of the new corporate brand was immediate. In addition to these visual updates, the site also benefitted from a 6% reduction in bounce rate, a 20K increase in users, as well as an overall SEO score improvement between the first half of 2019 and the first half of 2020.  It also marked the start of a strong partnership between Valtech and Mondelez.

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