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oktober 16, 2017

A website is never ‘done’. Neither from a design perspective nor from a content one. Yet once a website goes live, the importance of content often gets forgotten. Which is a pity bordering on a crime, because it means that opportunities get overlooked. Conversion opportunities, branding opportunities and more. So what can you do to keep content front and centre?

The sound of silence after going live

It’s inevitable when building a new site that all the focus lies on going live. All kinds of disciplines and people get drawn into what becomes a dynamic, roiling project, including content, whether through content migration, content creation or a combination. There’s an energy, buzz and willingness to try stuff. But after going live, the pressure lifts. Everyone has a party and returns to their normal work and routines. And yet the period right after going live is exactly the moment you can make the biggest difference. It’s when you start learning how the site is actually performing. Whether people are clicking on your call to action buttons and finding your pages on Google.

Never stop optimising your content

At Valtech, we have a solution: Content as a Service. Not the CMS-type CaaS where content is pushed out to various services, sites and apps via a central web service. No, we’re talking about a service that continually helps you to create, optimise and clean up content.

Based on UX insights and site statistics, we identify any problem areas and map out an approach to fixing them. How do we improve a site with content? Sometimes it demands a highly creative approach, at others it simply involves replacing visuals that are too large or too small, and adding a call-to-action. Other improvements could be new copy on an existing page, a new and fully-equipped product page, or perhaps a newsletter or social media post. Content as a Service usually focuses on the website, but we also involve other online channels in the process.

How do you implement Content as a Service?

The CaaS concept is based on agile principles. The best way to think of it is as a subscription for a fixed number of hours per month during which the team determines what work should have the highest priority. These actions are placed in the backlog, which also contains client requests and Valtech ideas. The items in the backlog are identified through data insights, creative insights and website management.

No content without insight

Content as a Service covers all types of content and content creation: copy, video, design, HTML, CMS management, consultancy, concepts and photography. But the absolute precondition for doing any of these is: insight. The point of having content is to make an impact, and you can only do this if you define ‘impact’ in advance, and use this as a guide both during the work and for measurement afterwards. Without insight into the goal and the result, Content as a Service stands no chance of succeeding.

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