From Mass Media To Social Media: A Hard-Hitting Change

Marketing Manager
Valtech Denmark

oktober 20, 2014

If the omnipresence of social media already seems like a natural part of our daily lives, the opportunities it presents can be better understood when compared to declining traditional media. In only ten years, the television audience in the US has fallen by an average of 50%.

Social media is accessible at any moment during the customer’s purchasing path – from considering whether to buy the product or service, to post-purchase recommendations. This quality of social media gives brands the perfect opportunity to engage their fans and prospects by developing communities based on receptiveness and responsiveness. This is highly beneficial as consumers are indeed engaging with the brands. According to Adobe’s Digital Index from the last quarter of 2013, comments and shares are up 40% and social engagement with brands’ posts is up 180% year-over-year.

In the field of beauty care, the digital experience is a catalyst for change in approaches to buying

In the field of beauty care, the digital experience is a catalyst for change in approaches to buying and in creating beauty care products. Communication with customers through social media also gives companies a unique opportunity to get feedback as early as the idea stage. For example, an idea can take on value when the community is given the opportunity to challenge it. This aspect increases the chances that the company will offer the right products and services in collaboration with the customer.

The enormous variety of local and social concepts has completely transformed the image of universal beauty. Local creativity is being energised by the activities of influencer-consumer on social networks,” states Isabelle Cinquin, VP Digital Global Development, L’Oréal.

Real and continuous interaction with consumers has led to a profound and permanent transformation of traditional marketing and cross-border workflows within companies. Accounting for consumers’ engagement and purchasing paths requires that local and global teams work in alignment to implement multi-channel actions where the focus has moved from the product to the digital experience.

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