Kicking off 2019 with #MoveTheDialStories LA

SVP, North America and MD, Toronto

januari 29, 2019

If you have been following Valtech for awhile, you will know that Valtech is committed to helping close the gender gap in tech and increase the number of women in leadership positions within our organization.

As such, Valtech enthusiastically supports #MoveTheDial, a global movement committed to advancing the participation and leadership of all women in tech.

Last week, @joinmovethedial kicked off 2019 with their first #MoveTheDialStories event of the year in LA, and we at Valtech were excited to sponsor and support. The event was hosted by Patricia Elliot, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner at The Consulate General of Canada in their100-year-old historic home, proudly utilized to support Canadian companies and interests in Los Angeles. The evening was filled with women leaders sharing their incredible stories of success to a packed room of not only women, but men—as diversity in the workplace is not just a women’s issue but a business imperative. 


Highlights and insights from some of the wonderful speakers

Jay Rosenzweig, CEO of Rosenzweig & Company and #MoveTheDial champion kicked off the event explaining that, “Each one of us has the opportunity to move the dial everyday. These small deeds can transform someone’s life and that person can transform our world.”

Lisa Lisson, President of Fedex Express Canada shared her personal story of resilience and adversity. She left the audience with 3 key pieces of advice:

  • Practice gratitude
  • Be kind to yourself first 
  • Set your intentions and let them be known

She prefaced that, “To move the dial for others collectively we have to move the dial for ourselves first.”

Rasha Katabi, Founder and CEO of Brim Financial emphasized how it important it is to, “Hold the strength of your convictions and stay true to yourself.”

Justina Omokuha, Global Head of Content and Lifestyle Strategy at Apple shared a key piece of advice saying, "The dial continues to move for me because I surround myself with great people."

With many wonderful speakers and influential people it was an inspiring room full of leaders wanting to make a difference.

Personally, I am grateful for having met Jodi Kovitz (Founder and CEO of Move The Dial) and being introduced to the movement in early 2018. Jodi has inspired me, along with so many others to DO BETTER and go out of your way. Collectively, we will all move the dial together for the advancement of women in tech. As Jodi eloquently puts it, “the dial does not move by itself.”

The next #MoveTheDialStories event is in Toronto on Jan. 31st and is centered on the theme: how women pivoted their careers into or within tech. Hope to see you there. Join us!

From left to right: Jodi Kovitz, Allison Abraham Simpkins, and Lisa Lisson.

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