Setting a row colour in powershell | Format-Table

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april 17, 2019

This is quite a quick post, but a useful tip. If you are setting up some data in powershell which you then fire at the console via | Format-Table it can be useful to highlight specific rows.

Imagine you have a hashtable with the key as a string, and the value as a number. When you send to the console you will see the names and values set in a table.

Now if you want to set John to be a certain colour then you can use the code below.
Note for static values this doesn’t add much value, we use it for a table that is getting printed dynamically e.g. based on a timer tick and dynamic version of the Name

This requires PowerShell 5.1 or later (check with $PSVersionTable.PSVersion) and doesn’t seem to play fair with the PowerShell ISE, however from a normal PowerShell window or VSCode it works a charm.

Happy colouring!


Original article was posted on Boro2g Blog: Setting a row colour in powershell

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