The Customer Journey Explored: Adobe Marketing Cloud

Senior VP, General Manager - Valtech Chicago

februari 26, 2016

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is positioned to break the market wide open in 2016.

Adobe has built their cloud offering around the three main components of the customer journey.

  1. Customer Acquisition
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Customer Retention

These three components make up the holy grail of digital marketing. Now with deeper integration and continuity of Adobe's Marketing Cloud User Interface, Adobe really does have it all.

Customer Acquisition

Lowering customer acquisition costs is a quick win for ROI. With so many digital touch points for customers, a common cloud offering is the ideal way to keep messaging for acquisition campaigns consistent. Whether you are trying to attack a customer through search marketing, social marketing, or even email campaigns, the customer experience must intersect across each acquisition technique. While these are all separate solutions, they work together inside the common cloud. This makes it much easier to enable your marketing teams to utilize these tools.

Customer Experience

“One Adobe” is quickly becoming the go-to phrase to describe their value proposition. Adobe can now say they manage the creation of all digital assets while also delivering those assets through the digital marketing customer experience. A creative team can do their work and seamlessly shift the final delivery to marketing terms through Adobe Experience Manager. This is incredibly powerful and sets Adobe apart from their competitors in the marketplace. Each year new devices hit the market, from wearables to tablets and desktop browsers to new mobile devices. These new customer touch points require unique experiences and Adobe has created the single platform for delivering them. Centralizing the work of a marketing team with powerful approval workflows that allows for complex customizations is the foundation of what makes Adobe’s Marketing Cloud so innovative.

We’ll start to see better inclusion of video delivery into the experience this year. Managing video delivery through DRM, a TVSTK that addresses differences between devices and browsers, and Ad Insertion servers will allow clients to more easily measure and monetize their digital video content. I expect to see better integrations for Primetime into Adobe Experience Manager as the main customer experience delivery platform deep into 2016.

Customer Retention

Adding a complex campaign management tool in 2014 was the missing key for Adobe’s Marketing vision. The customer retention gap is closing now that Adobe Campaign has been integrated into the suite with UI changes that help to unify the marketing team experience with other products. Being able to manage a single campaign through physical mail, mobile notifications, email delivery, and more will allow ROI from campaigns to be quickly and more accurately measured. Combining this rich data with Analytics, a very complete picture will form around the effectiveness of each campaign. Optimization is key to customer retention. Even better, utilizing Adobe Audience Manager to keep the customer profile, each future campaign can be driven by more granular customer segments as needed. This fine-tuning of campaigns and customer data will eventually drive the Primetime strategy for Ad Insertion.

This year, we will see more features added, along with more integration points across products. All of the puzzle pieces are starting to connect one-by-one. Adobe’s vision helps customers to address all of their business needs today, but what makes Adobe so powerful is their ability to forecast trends and future needs while adapting their products to address them head on. Valtech’s ability to engineer experiences and deliver them utilizing Adobe’s Marketing cloud is what makes us one of Adobe’s most powerful innovation partner. We can’t wait to see what will be announced at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit this year!

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