Valtech AEM Prototypes Coming to the Adobe Summit

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maart 10, 2017

At the Adobe Summit this year, Valtech will be showcasing its new prototypes around a variety of different verticals.

Our prototypes know who your customers are, where they are, where they’ve come from, and where they’re going. And that is just the beginning.

Using data from the past to feed the present situation, Valtech/Adobe prototypes take into account the entire customer journey from start to finish. Valtech has been building integrations that address acquisition, up-sell and cross-selling, integration to current situation, retention and community engagement. After that, we think beyond the firewall. External services, such as baggage claim in the travel industry or same-day delivery in the grocery industry, for example, needs to be immediately available through your customer channels, even if you don’t run the back end of that operation.

Content and Data and Innovation

Fully dissecting and responding to the customer journey has helped us understand that content and data are “everything” to making a personalized customer journey relevant to an individual. Your customer wants to be understood, and wants access to solutions throughout their journey with your brand.

At Valtech, we take a 360 degree view of the customer, their activities, social interaction, identity, and purchases. Data feeds the present, and gives us the information to offer feedback during current customer activity. Whether the customer is having dinner, standing in line, at a coffee shop or getting on a plane, we can respond to their current needs.

In partnership with Adobe, Valtech has built prototypes and solutions for: Hyatt, Herman Miller, Airbus, bringing AEM, analytics and campaign solutions to brands. Valtech looks closely at the customer journey, and whether offline, online, in store or at home, evaluating customers needs and finding solutions in a variety of different verticals and for an array of different brands.

Valtech’s most recent prototype, built for the grocery industry, will be demonstrated at Adobe Summit. We wanted to address the challenge of blending physical experiences with digital experiences, and using the new Adobe image recognition technology, we introduced a feature that allows customers to use the camera of a mobile device to take pictures of a printed ad, and assemble a shopping list from that.

Once the image is uploaded, and integrated with AEM mobile, the Valtech/Adobe App can alter pricing and other elements of the SKU. It works so well that we think this feature can be applied to almost any industry, with large-scale applications in retail where there are tens of thousands SKU’s to be tracked.

Valtech will also be presenting a new solution for the hospitality industry and for the travel/media industry integrating Adobe Prime Time to give brands a great opportunity to monetize content across all customer touchpoints.

Wondering how Adobe AEM can improve the customer journey for your brand? We’ve got a solution for you. Come talk to us.

Valtech used Adobe Experience Manager Mobile—with AEM as the main content source—to develop a shopping app that blends the possibilities of mobile with a physical shopping experience at a supermarket. Through the app, users create shopping lists, check things off their list, receive notifications with healthy recommendations and recipes, and track spending and rewards—all controlled and stored through AEM Mobile.

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