Breakfast sessions

In the final quarter of 2018 the first breakfast session of Valtech took place. Because of its success, we will continue to organize breakfast sessions throughout 2019. Each session has a specific theme to it and is meant to inspire as well as learn from eachother. 


First off: "Is voice/conversational the answer to the high expectations of today's customer?"

17 April 2019 | 08.30 - 10.30 | Kanaalweg 29, Utrecht
Speaker/host: Pieterjan Oomen

Voice and conversational interfaces are maturing rapidly due to development in the area of machine learning (AI) and cloud computing. Will voice/conversational interfaces be an answer to the high service expectations of your customers? What is the current state of voice conversational and what does this mean for your business? What can you expect and how can you prepare your organization? These are very legitimate questions and will be discussed during this breakfast session on April 17th. 

Get inspired by cases and stories, join the discussion with your peers and ask our expert Pieterjan Oomen and your fellow attendees all you want to know! Register now and we hope to see you then.

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Pieterjan.pngSpeaker/host: Pieterjan Oomen
With more than 20 years of experience within digital, Pieterjan know's what's cooking. His main focus is on strategy, concept, UX and emerging technologies and he's responsible for setting up the conversational/voice team within Valtech Netherlands. Pieterjan is passionate about connecting the physical and digital world and believes that voice/conversational technology is part of this connection.

Future sessions

Next to the breakfast session on April 17th, we already have a few other sessions scheduled. Keep an eye out for our social media channels to make sure to be a part of (one of) them. 


  • 15 mei 2019 - Stefan Harzevoort > "Trust & merkactivisme"

  • 12 juni 2019 - Paul van Oosterhout > "Data"

  • 10 juli 2019 - Nicky Rog en Loes de Ruiter > "CX optimization"