Big Data Trends 2017

Technical Lead-Data Analytics

setembro 06, 2017

With all the recent hype and success, Big Data needs no introduction. When we talk about very large, unstructured, and ever-growing data sets that utilize distributed storage and in-memory analytics, then we know we are talking Big Data!

Big Data has proved that data in any form and in any shape can reveal powerful and actionable insights that might otherwise remain hidden. With an exponential explosion of smart devices, GPS, sensors and so forth, we are generating Millions of terabytes of data. This data can be used in real time to provide insights into events as they happen, analyze and track your company’s promotions, monitor election patterns, make predictions, and so on.

2017 has been yet another great year for Big Data and the trends suggest we are just getting started. Let’s review some of the Big Data trends in 2017…

Maturing Hadoop

Big Data is incomplete without Hadoop and in 2017 we see a more mature Hadoop with better and faster data processing and capable of handling multi-purpose data driven by customer needs.

Big Data in the Cloud

This year we see providers offering Big Data services in the cloud. With the “Internet of Things” and its ever-growing volume of data, it is essential to host processing platforms on the cloud and to offer the ability to manage it.

Data Aggregation

There is a rising need in being able to aggregate large volumes of unstructured data.

Data Security

We can expect higher investments in data security and governance components surrounding the enterprise systems. More and more customers now expect this type of offering from the Big Data ecosystem.

Metadata Catalogs

Another trend is around metadata and the way Hadoop uses it. Metadata catalogs can help fetch more relevant data with the help of machine learning. This reduces processing time and improves the efficiency of the data.

With the development of a more mature, more efficient and faster Hadoop system, Big Data is exploding in 2017. But we’re just getting started. Big Data is here to stay, and the opportunities it can create are nearly limitless.