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dezembro 07, 2017

Sometimes you need help when you are in a store. But nobody wants to stand around a counter with the eyes fixed on a number board and wait for it. Would it not be better if the clerk came out to you instead when it's your turn? We think so.

Put the ticket in line – not the customer

Everybody needs help. But nobody wants to queue. That is the philosophy behind Valtech Attend. Instead of the customer, we simply put the ticket in line. To be able to do this, the customers just downloads an app, take a digital number tag and wait for their turn. In the meantime, they can continue shopping in peace and quiet. Or just stroll around while they wait. When it's their turn, the clerk picks up the digital number tag in the app and locates them out in the store.


Tailored user interface

In order to use Valtech Attend, you must have a local positioning system installed in your store. And an app that can read the customer's position. What we do is to integrate the queue functionality of the existing apps. And design a customized user interface.

Step 1-3

Boost sales

The benefits of Valtech Attend are that your customers do not have to stand and stomp in front of the counter with their eyes attached to the number board while waiting for help. This creates frustration. Some choose to leave if it takes too long.

With their newly acquired freedom, they can instead devote to botanizing among your other offerings and buy things other than what they came for. The positive experience probably also leads to more visits and positive comments in social media.

If you already have an on-site IPS system and an app, you only need to add the Queue functionality and user interface of Valtech Attend.

Step 4-6

A new way to meet the customers

With the new queue system, more clerks will be working on the floor – where the customers are. However, there are people who, for various reasons, choose not to download the app. Therefore, the old system of physical queue management should remain in a transitional period. We can help organize the store floor so everything is flowing as it should.

Step 7-9

Measurability & conversion

With Valtech Attend, you can easily measure how many people that get help, how long it takes and the drop out rate – when people simply give up. This information is rarely found in the old queue system. The analysis of the customer behavior and how they move while they are waiting for their turn can lead to valuable insights and an opportunity to optimize the customer journey, increase conversion and boost sales.

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