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setembro 22, 2018

Recently I completed Sitecore Experience Commerce 100 and 200 level course and I must say it’s definitely worth taking these courses. Here's why.

sitecore-commerceIf you are new to Sitecore commerce and would like to explore and get an understanding of the big picture- this course is for you. after taking Sitecore Experience Commerce 100-Overview and Sitecore Experience Commerce- Essentials course I feel much confident and i can use the info/details i got from the two course to drive my passion towards Sitecore Commerce journey.

If you want to get started with the Commerce here are the courses available to get you started:

  1. Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9 100: Overview
  2. Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9 200: Essentials
  3. Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0 300: Developer

From the course contents perspective- here are some of the things which you see there and lot more.

Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9 100: Overview

  • Getting Familiar with Sitecore® Experience Commerce™
  • Managing the Catalog
  • Tracking Customers and Their Orders
  • Increasing Sales with Marketing

Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ 9 200: Essentials

  • Gaining an Insight into the Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ Architecture
  • Developing Storefronts Using Sitecore Commerce APIs
  • Developing Sitecore® Experience Commerce™ Storefront Pages Using SXA
  • Working with Sellable Items
  • etc…

Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0 300: Developer

Please review the course modules here – this includes:

  • Create & configure a new Storefront Site
  • Creating a Site Page Framework – you go through how you create the header and footer components and assign those to a page layout for all the page.
  • Creating pages for the Storefront for displaying sellable items like category pages and product pages.
  • Creating account management pages for registration, login, my account page, addresses page, etc.
  • Creating the order flow pages for cart, billing, shipping, payment and confirmation.

I also like to thank my Company Valtech for providing me the code for 100 and 200 level courses, much appreciated.

I would suggest to go for this and check with you company if they can provide you the code for these course. If they can- what you are waiting for? Let’s do it.

How to Register?

Login to and search for Experience commerce 100/200 courses, if you don’t have any account, please create one.

So far it’s been great- looking forward for it.

sitcoreXC 200


Happy Learning!

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