Agile Marketing

When it's time to orchestrate compelling experiences, it is imperative that they are integrated with existing information systems to get a single view of customer data or to have an Omni-channel e-Commerce experience. Efficiency is key in accomplishing these seamless experiences, and that's the Agile Marketing imperative.

Adopting Agile Marketing

How can we rethink marketing in the digital age? How do we create marketing teams and equip them to meet the needs of the new digital consumer in a rapidly changing world? How do we seize the digital marketing opportunity to provide consumers with experiences and services of the high standard that they have come to expect? How can we reorganise marketing teams so that they can take full advantage of new digital technologies? How can we reconcile marketing with performance and ROI?

Valtech conceived the Agile Marketing approach, which empowers marketers to take full advantage of these digital benefits and put the consumer at the center of every business strategy. The Holy Grail of marketing has always been to deliver the right incentive to the right person at the right time.

This agile approach is based on five key pillars (Customer Responsive Platforms, Experience-Driven Commerce, Service Design, Analytics & Big Data, and Omni-channel) which allows marketers to reach, engage with and convert consumers in ways that are infinitely more relevant and personalised. In other words, giving the right incentive to the right person at precisely the right time.

You can download our whitepaper: "Agile Marketing: The New Imperative," here.