Digital Marketing

"By 2021, online research will affect more sales than offline research for toys, household appliances, consumer electronics, computers, books, and video games." Forrester Research

Digital technology is evolving exponentially and changing people’s behavior, values and expectations. This occurs today at a pace and magnitude that disrupts established ways of value creation, social interactions and doing business. We are in an era where technology and society are evolving faster than businesses can adapt.

At Valtech, Digital Marketing is Agile Marketing. We think in teams, not separately, and in terms of collaboration and added value. This means we start with small online marketing initiatives and, based on data and impact, choose to grow quickly where most value is created. Budgets, including our own hours, are deployed flexibly in order to achieve the best ROI for our client.

Agile Marketing is not only content, SEA, SEO, social or some other discipline: It’s the combination that makes the difference. So our developers know how the technical side of SEO and analytics work, a designer can run an A/B test and our online marketers know how to use JavaScript to work with tag management systems.

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