Digital Video Streaming

We help you manage, deliever and monetize your video assets–across all platforms and devices

In the midst of major technological and consumer behavior disruption, many companies are faced with the increasingly complex challenge of managing, delivering and monetizing their video assets.  With an ever-expanding list of new ways for people to consume their "infotainment", companies are finding it difficult to ensure that their audience can access and view their content at any time and across all devices.

Transitioning to the new digital reality

With new players looking to disrupt the industry and new technologies flooding the market, broadcasters, TV networks and cable operators are finding that the old ways of doing things are no longer as effective or profitable as they once were.  This upheaval is leading to broad experimentation with different revenue models (AVOD, SVOD, or TVOD) as well as prompting critical questions about the current state of advertising and how to remain profitable buy ensuring that advertisers can reach, target and engage their key demographics no matter what platform or device they are on. 

These media companies are realizing that, to remain successful, they must embrace this new reality, chart a new path for success, and leap forward into their digital future.

Not your average digital agency

At Valtech, we're much more than a digital agency.  Our team of experts and thought leaders are at the forefront of these changes in the media industry.  Working with our key partners (Adobe, Comcast, and You.i) we are developing the technologies, engineering the experiences and providing complete end-to-end OTT solutions to help companies thrive in the new digital media ecosystem.

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