In the industrial revolution businesses made money through the scale of mass production.Then the microchip and connectivity meant products transformed into services.

This digital revolution means companies need to differentiate themselves not with mass production, but the experience of consumption

A brand name is not enough to survive. There is no longer a competitive advantage in orchestrating production, brands must orchestrate consumption across channel and device.
The high value skills are no longer found within ‘Industrial Design’ but ‘Service Design’ instead.


At Valtech we believe that our role is to help clients orchestrate experiences around their customers.

Making it intuitive for them to consume products and services when, where and how they desire.


The biggest obstacle in orchestrating experiences around a single view of the customer is often the complex integration of multiple systems.

Using our fundamental engineering skills we help our clients build frictionless experiences.


Due to continual disruption every business strategy and customer experience must continually adapt and evolve.

By combining our heritage in Agile, Lean and our thought leadership, we help our clients identify their next evolutionary step that will make a measurable difference.