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Experiences Across Every Touchpoint

Reach, transact and engage your customer in every channel, in all interactions, every hour of the day

Change in retail is not new, and meeting the rapidly changing expectations of today’s consumer is a continuous and never-ending cycle. From grocery to electronics, retailers have been fighting a decade or more of declining sales, rising costs, increasing customer expectations and competitors of all kinds stealing market share. Add in the exploding increase in nontraditional business models threatening to overwhelm all retailers and truly only the best retailers will thrive in this climate.

In order to help retailers compete and stay relevant, our experts are rethinking all aspects of the business to answer:

  • How can we offer a frictionless omni-commerce experience?
  • How do we reinvent the store experience to drive more value and engagement?
  • Can we use data to drive a continuous improvement cycle?
  • How do we create a fully “Dynamic Store” from merchandising to marketing to operations?
  • Do we care deeply enough about customer experience feedback?

The Essence of Omnichannel

Explore a more efficient, more personalized, more future-proof commerce solution: Welcome to the Dynamic Store.
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Building on Valtech’s deep roots and experience, our Retail Practice Team helps retailers and brands succeed and thrive in today’s market. Our strategy teams begin with a deep dive into your customer understanding and mapping their journey unlocks hidden opportunities in sales, merchandising, marketing and social channels that exploit the interconnectedness of physical and digital retail.

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We know digital and physical are two sides of the same coin

For that same reason, we not only deliver digital-only experiences, but also in-store connected experiences, whether for mass-market retail, concept stores or as proof-of-concepts to gain experience.


We know how to utilize technology to drive revenue

Every executive team is under pressure to do more with—get more from—technology investments. From clienteling solutions and POS solutions, to omni-commerce, mobile and loyalty programs, Valtech’s retail team has the experience to help you leverage technology platforms to drive end-to-end ROI. 

We work across all segments of retail

We have deep appreciation of the nuances between mass-market retail, specialty-retail, consumer goods, luxury, etc. And we can also guide our clients towards opportunities for idea cross-pollination.


We understand the power—and the challenge—of a physical store

As more of the world moves to digital, physical stores and traditional channels struggle to find their role in the new marketplace. Yet, some retailers are doubling down on the physical store footprint and are being rewarded with huge lineups and strong sales. Our team has been responsible for some of the biggest, boldest, concept and experience stores across the globe.


Beyond the Brand

We don’t want to be the best at what everyone is doing today, we want to be the best at what no one is doing tomorrow.

We work with global brands to deliver data driven luxury with a focus on sustainability and greater economic resilience. We take them ‘beyond the product’ to deliver bespoke innovative luxury experiences, accelerating digitalisation and shaping the ecommerce infrastructure of the future. We work alongside our clients to utilize the right technologies to empower and enable better Customer Experiences (CX) and to increase brand loyalty in an ever-changing social landscape.

With the luxury goods market expected to reach $445 Billion USD by 2025, the luxury category and buyer continue to shift into a new digital world. As luxury continues to become more prominent in digital, it’s still heavily rooted in strong brand stories and expectations of heritage, rarity and desirability. Luxury is beyond a brand; it’s building authentic relationships through curated experiences. Staying relevant and leading cultural conversations which transcend physical, emotional and global boundaries.

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