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Get to Know Apotekerforeningen

Apotekerforeningen was founded in 1844 and work as a trade- and employers’ association for pharmacies in Denmark.

Apotekerforeningen does not see themselves as retailers, but a bridge between citizens and healthcare. They wanted to close the e-commerce part of the site and position themselves as a website that offers their users the best online medical advice. They wanted to focus on the pharmacies’ core services in health advising – in a universal language.

The aim of the project was to recreate Apotekerforeningen’s trust and professionalism on their digital platform, assuring that their credibility. The new site would also be a place where people could anonymously ask private or sensitive questions.

Apart from making the website more informative and user friendly, Apotekerforeningen also needed to drive actual foot traffic to their physical stores.



The Operation for a Healthy Site

Valtech created the new site on Sitecore 8. The site featured a 24/7 chat function for customers to get direct advice medical professionals at all hours of the day. This was a crucial step towards their goal of customer personalization.


Building the Bridge

For over five years, Valtech has worked with Apotekerforeningen in maintaining their digital presence. The new website was created with a strong focus on a intuitive design to support the effort of

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