A Sustainable, Innovative and Inspiring Power System

A Sustainable, 
Innovative and Inspiring 
Power System



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Get to Know innogy

Today German innogy is one of the largest energy companies in Europe, and active in sustainable energy supply worldwide. In the Netherlands, innogy is the parent company of well-known national energy brands such as Essent, and Powerhouse. In addition, the company develops and manages several wind farms under the innogy name. 


Future-oriented and Sustainable

There’s a lot happening in the energy world. The realisation is growing that we need to switch to more sustainable energy sources if we are to pass on the world as we know it to future generations. In fact, it was this that led to the formation of innogy and its stock market flotation in 2016. 

Innogy has a mission: to create a sustainable power system, to innovate relentlessly and to inspire people. With this in mind, Innogy picked Valtech to help develop a digital platform that would support the ambition.



A Completely New Platform

While Essent is a well-known name in the Netherlands, the same is not true of innogy. Because of this, the company began in 2018 making a point of communicating the fact that it is the organisation behind Essent, and Powerhouse. 

The success of the strategy depends in part on having an excellent website with clear and appealing content. So innogy asked Valtech to help them develop a totally new website within a tight timeframe.


Full Content Creation and Optimisation

While the development team built the site, our Content & Campaigns unit began work on editing the text that would appear on it. The content was drawn from multiple sources, which entailed unifying the tone of voice and generally improving the text for the web. The team edited and optimised all copy. The result was a Sitecore-based platform with a look and feel that reflects the innogy corporate identity and a content management system that enables the company to easily manage all site content themselves.

The new website shows at a glance just what innogy is: sustainable, innovative and future-oriented. The platform also provides the ideal place to offer further inspirational, positive and informative content. In this way, the organisation behind Essent can build its name in the Netherlands for being totally focused on supplying sustainable energy.

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