Re-designing Data Structure

Re-designing Data Structure



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Instron is a worldwide market leader in manufacturing testing materials. The company aims to provide the highest quality products, support, and services. In order to maintain such standards, Instron wanted to streamline user experience for website visitors and be recognized as an international industry leader.


No Trial and Error

Valtech is no novice in web solutions. We took on Intron’s goals and created a personalized digital strategy. We customized the desired look and feel of the site through the design of storyboards and style tiles. Valtech redesigned the existing data structure and shortened the development time using Sitecore. We also analyzed the website user needs and conducted an in-depth discovery process to inform the new website design.

The Outcome

Valtech deployed an impressive, scalable, multilingual Sitecore site to the cloud that would serve as the new website benchmark for competitors in the materials testing industry. 

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