Australia's Newest VOD Service

Foxtel, Telstra and Valtech create a high-profile VOD service for a modern Australian market.



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A History of Success

Telstra has been a mainstay in the Australian telecommunications market for over 30 years, inheriting telecommunications infrastructure Down Under from the Postmaster General’s Department which controlled these services as far back as 1901. With part ownership of Foxtel, a monopoly in pay television, Telstra is a virtual powerhouse throughout the continent. Enlisting Valtech’s help, in collaboration with Foxtel, it was now time to make history again, this time with video on demand (VOD).


Living in the Present

Telstra procured our services to create the applications and end user experience for the latest VOD play to hit the Aussie market; Presto. We built a rich UI with a carefully crafted experience across all devices to tap into the latest video content of today, including unlimited subscription-based movie consumption, Pay-Per-View for the latest movie releases, and live streaming of the best Foxtel Movie Channels.


Looking Towards the Future

Valtech provided fully integrated solutions for Telstra’s VOD platform with web, iOS and Android as well as extensive integration with Ooyala, Telstra’s video delivery platform. Through a partnership with Google, Presto was optimized further to work with Google Chromecast, extending the audience experience to the big screen.

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