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Get to Know Shimano

Single or double? 1x or 2x drivetrain? These are the kinds of questions mountain bikers care about. So, Shimano and Valtech created a beautifully designed, interactive advisory platform to help them make better choices. The result was a reach of >1 million mountain bikers, the completion of 100,000 Drivetrain Advisors, and a wealth of valuable data about the international target group.

Shimano makes derailleur gear systems for every type of mountain biker and every type of terrain.  These essential drivetrain components help you go uphill faster – and downhill, too. But how do you choose the best derailleur for your use? It’s a question that occupies mountain bikers around the world – check out the heated discussions on social media – especially since a large German drivetrain manufacturer dubbed a much-used system ‘dated’.

Shimano, the market leader, wanted to help these mountain bikers and therefore jumped into the discussion quickly and convincingly, which led it to Valtech and the Drivetrain Advisor. According to Shimano, there's "no single truth". The best choice for a derailleur depends on multiple factors, e.g., health, surroundings, ambitions, etc. Visitors to the campaign site would race through a series of questions about their favourite mountain bike experiences, with every answer triggering video of a mountain bike trail, twisting through beautiful nature as it led them to the next question.


Innovative Way of Working

To help Shimano move fast, we introduced an innovative way of working. Based on Shimano’s initial briefing and KPIs, our business analyst, digital marketer and UX and visual designers collaborated in parallel to produce a workable prototype in one hit.

Immediately after the project kicked off, Dutch design agency DOORROOD began producing the videos, images and copy that were needed. As soon as each element was ready, it was dropped directly into the prototype. By not going through all the usual development phases, the team was able to present a beta version within a couple of weeks. Incorporating a few suggestions from the client, we then quickly dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. This innovative way of working enabled Shimano, DOORROOD and Valtech to develop and launch the full campaign site in less than two months


Conversion Rate of +50%

In the first two months, more than 100,000 visitors completed the virtual course. The average session lasted over three minutes, and more than 62,000 riders asked Shimano to email them their personal advice at the end: a conversion rate of over 50 percent. Over the same period, more than 423,000 people watched videos on social media in which professional mountain bikers shared their experiences – a clever way to boost visits to the campaign site.

In two months, the Drivetrain Advisor reached more than one million mountain bikers worldwide. And as well as the very high conversion rate, the campaign generated a wealth of insights into the preferences, habits and wishes of the target group that Shimano can use to serve them even better in the future.

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