Senior Site Reliability Engineer


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We are an experienced innovation company and we are looking for Senior Site Reliability Engineer to join our global team of 6,000 professionals in more than 60 offices worldwide!

We exist to unlock a better way to experience the world. Valtech is one of the largest global business transformation agencies. We design, build, and deliver transformative digital solutions for the world's best-known brands.

We engage with our clients worldwide to discover new opportunities, design & build digitally driven solutions, and run & continuously optimize outcomes. We build intuitive, frictionless, and connected experiences that improve human lives and make our client's businesses grow.

We are looking for highly motivated people to complete our global team and start work with the greatest clients you might ever seen. It is all about eCommerce on a global level, either B2C or B2B projects. You will be the part of the international team: The United Kingdom and Ukraine. We’re looking for someone with a maker mentality, who wants to join a company full of diverse, intelligent and talented people. Someone who wants to shake things up and fill their days with problem solving, innovation and phenomenal client projects. Someone who is ready to do the best work of their life.... things they are really and genuinely proud of, with opportunities to travel far and wide, learn every day and to really and truly meet their potential. If you have something to say drawn from your previous experience, or if you have something you can teach us — we are particularly keen to hear from you.

As The Ideal Candidate

  • You are assertive with good communicative skills, capable of taking the lead and coaching a development team to make the right choices
  • You have experience with incident management in a production environment of a public-facing online service with high business value and preferably high traffic in a 24x7 fashion
  • You have experience working in a corporate environment
  • You have experience programming and scripting
  • You have at least basic knowledge of serverless services in one or more public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • You have extensive knowledge of and experience with various monitoring systems, amongst which APM systems such as Datadog, New Relic, Dynatrace, Prometheus, Grafana
  • You have knowledge of and experience with various pipelining tools, such as GitHub, Azure DevOps, Gitlab, Jenkins
  • You have knowledge of and experience with microservices-related technology: Docker, Kubernetes
  • You have a good conceptual understanding of software architecture and system thinking
  • You have worked as an engineer in a DevOps context
  • You have an excellent command of English (C1 or above)
  • You have worked within the context of publicly accessible, highly available eCommerce platforms
  • You have experience working in an international context with on- and off-shore teams
  • You are familiar with the following technologies:
    • Datadog (or APM equivalent)
    • Argos CI/CD
    • Java / Springboot
    • Kafka
    • Kubenetes / EKS -AWS

    The Role

    You are someone with 5 years of experience in the field of software engineering, DevOps engineering, qa engineering, and/or cloud engineering of which at least the last 2 years as a dedicated Site Reliability Engineer. You feel comfortable taking the lead, making decisions, and knowing how to mobilize and motivate people to set things in motion. In your current role, people come to you for advice on what to look for to determine the robustness of their production environments, advice for reliable deployment procedures, assistance in the analysis of failure scenarios, and ideas on how to mitigate or remediate those.

    As a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), you are the bridge between software development and operations. You help us to deliver reliable speed to our clients, allowing them to leverage the benefits of continuous deployment without losing grip on customer experience. You will work with our multidisciplinary teams in an essential DevOps way of working where your main responsibility is to keep everyone focused on production while creating the facilities to do so.

    Your responsibilities will be: 

    • Work with teams to define SLIs and SLOs
    • Creating systems for observability
    • Work with teams to analyse failure scenarios and possible mitigations
    • (Assisting to) create runbooks to remediate or prevent failure scenarios
    • Reduce work that does not add value
    • Participate and facilitate incident management including On Call Duty.


    Mental and physical health:
      • 20 working days of paid vacation
      • National holidays covered
      • Sick leave (up to 20/year)
      • Unpaid leave (up to 20/year)
      • Medical insurance
      • Multisport card OR Multikafeteria
      • Maternity & paternity leave support

      Personal and professional development:

      • Internal workshops & learning initiatives
      • English language classes compensation
      • Professional certifications reimbursement
      • Participation in professional local & global communities
      • Growth Framework to manage expectations and define the steps to move towards the selected career
      • Mentoring program with the ability to become a mentor or a mentee to grow to a higher position

        Valtech Poland has a system of progressive benefit packages – the longer you stay with the company – the more benefits you get.

        You can not only become a part of constant evolution but can lead the change. The more we grow – the more opportunities there are to take responsibility, implement your creative ideas, and be the innovator and driver rather than the task executor.

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