Diversity & Inclusion

When it comes to fostering innovation we believe a big part of that comes from our continuous commitment to attract the strongest talents into our diverse culture.

Diversity & Inclusion


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Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at Valtech

Collaboration between people with a different background is at the core of our agile roots. It’s at the core of our connected agency with offices in 16 different countries. At the same time we acknowledge that we need to do much more to increase diversity in all forms within our company.

Valtech is undergoing a major transformation to bridge the diversity gap. By 2025, all of our teams must better reflect the demographic composition of local labour markets. The composition of our leadership teams - global, regional, local and craft – must reflect gender and ethnic diversity. Our company culture needs to become more inclusive to meet these goals. 

To this end, we have:

  • Set up a Global D&I Council comprising of employees from across the company and instituted an external D&I Advisory Board.
  • Established a comprehensive worldwide data-collection program to systematically measure the state of D&I.
  • Revisited our company learning and community strategies to foster inclusive networks for all Valtech employees.
  • Drawn up an annual plan for every country with localized initiatives for reducing bias in the workplace, for recruiting and advancing diverse talent and promoting equitable work conditions for all employees.
  • Initiated a variety of local D&I initiatives to promote and increase awareness.

The State of Diversity at Valtech

In 2020, Valtech conducted an audit of our company composition as it relates to gender, ethnicity and age. We will collect this information on an annual basis and have introduced new quarterly measures to assess the demographic composition of new hires and employees that leave the company. This is the  global summary of the state of D&I at Valtech in early 2021

  • For gender diversity we see the share of women ranging from 23 - 57% depending on craft or department. In our tech craft we have a particularly low percentage share of women. These figures are on par or slightly above university diversity numbers. 
  • We aren’t able to collect ethnic diversity or LGBTQ+ data systematically at a global level because many local laws don’t allow us to do so. However, based on the data we do have, we can say that ethnic minority groups are underrepresented in our company.
  • Hidden biases: we are continuing to analyse all of our policies and processes for hidden bias, which may lead to a culture that excludes people in subtle or subconscious ways. We recognise we have not put enough measures in place to counter these biases (specifically in the context of training and recruitment) and are committing to doing better.
  • In our marketing and communication efforts we now have a structured process in place to ensure our messaging, visuals and company representatives are diverse and inclusive.

Facts & Figures

Reviewing the Data

We are undertaking structured research into the inclusive culture of our company.  This research aims to answer, for example, do Valtech employees feel like they are treated fairly? Do they have a voice in key decisions? Can they confidently be their "whole-self" at work and be accepted by their peers?

We believe that these are measures we must undertake to make Valtech a great place to work and to ensure that our teams are thoughtfully constructed for successful client engagements.

We will continue to update this page with new data as our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts mature.


In Numbers

By providing our D&I data publicly we want to emphasize our open and transparent culture to address hard problems.


Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

While we acknowledge ‘fixing diversity’ will require long-term and systemic efforts, we are proud of  the many initiatives we already have in place to move the dial . Below you will find some examples:

  • Since 2014, Valtech has hosted TechGirl - a program aimed at introducing girls to careers in digital service delivery. Collectively we have taught hundreds of girls across the globe the basics of code. In 2020, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was re-imagined and re-tooled for a virtual context. The scope of the experience now unfolds over the course of several weeks.


  • In New York city, the Valtech team partnered with Create Labs - a community group that exists to equip underserved populations with the skills, resources and networks they need to thrive in the tech sector - to host a Social Impact Hackathon. The event was designed to drive interest in careers in tech and to foster connections among participants as well as with our recruiting team.


  • 50+50 is a discussion-oriented employee resource group that explores topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion.  The community was founded in Valtech Montreal by Creative Director, Roxana Brongo and has since been adopted by offices across the globe and occasionally includes supportive clients such as Dyson.  Local groups meet quarterly.


  • In Argentina, Valtech has set up a pilot partnership with ARBUSTA; a firm that specializes in connecting underprivileged millennials and centennials with software testing, data quality assurance and digital interaction management job opportunities




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