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Get to Know easyJet


easyJet is a low-cost European point-to-point airline. Its sustainable business model makes travel easy and affordable and drives growth and returns for shareholders. With a dedicated workforce of over 10,000 people, including 2,865 pilots and 6,516 cabin crew members as at 30 September 2016, easyJet leverages its customer relationship management capabilities, driving revenue by increasing customer loyalty and implementing its wider digital strategy. The increasingly sophisticated use of data will enable easyJet to continue to make travel easy and affordable in the longer term.

A Game Changer


Together with easyJet, Valtech has successfully re-launched a game-changing tool for the travel industry. In a design-led project, we have transformed how customers interact with the traditional booking site structure enabling them to experience a seamless booking journey and securing previously untapped revenue streams for the client. Swiftly taking customers from hook to book!

Traditionally on existing travel sites the customer is prompted to provide the location, dates and duration of travel. From those criteria, the site generates the available options and the traveller makes their selection. That’s great, but in many cases, the traveller doesn’t know the when’s or the where’s… they just know that they want to get away and they need a little help deciding.

Inspire Me

In 2013 easyJet developed the first iteration of "Inspire Me;" a tool showing live pricing and alternative flight options for last-minute getaways. It was a slow starter. Customers weren’t engaging with the tool and dropping off the site. There seemed to be some usability issues and the site wasn’t optimised for mobile or wide screen views. So, easyJet returned to Valtech and asked them to reimagine the tool and accelerate the idea to a new level.

The Approach

Combining data insights, extensive user research, technology and lean UX, Valtech headed up the project with a creative led team focused on a truly customer centric delivery. Our approach completely focused on the customer journey; we wanted to make them feel like virtual tourists, with easyJet as their personal tour guide so we researched customer behaviours and collected multiple data sets.

Generation easyJet


We wanted to respond to and mirror the behaviour of the easyJet generation traveller, so we took inspiration from Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram to overhaul the imagery and incorporate real customer quotes and totally transform the look and feel of the site.

Taking a lead from social media conversational structures, we removed the constraints of ‘filters’ and replaced them with a chatty conversational UI theme. This less intimidating approach gave the conversation a more fluid and inspirational direction and enabled us to extract more data from a much more open customer.

The whole premise of this revamp was to make sure that we truly understood and appreciated why a customer behaves the way they do. Once we knew that, we were able to use it to our advantage and to deliver a tool that has the potential to drastically increase revenue streams for the client.

Award Winning Design


We are removing the stress of the not knowing when or where part, and tapping into our incessant love of travel and escape. Now business travellers might be inspired to book a trip to Barcelona or Vienna or a cash strapped student might see the low cost possibilities and take the plunge.

By removing the search and presenting travellers with affordable, enticing and beautifully presented options, we’re opening up the possibilities of travel site bookings, and taking our customers to new heights in revenue.

Winner of Best Entertainment and Leisure Experience at the UXUK Awards 2018.

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