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Solving an urban problem: Park & Charge

April 30, 2024

It’s no secret that finding adequate parking in urban centers can be difficult. When you add the need to charge an EV, the number of parking spaces becomes even more limited, and the process can be complicated. As mobility continues to evolve, meeting the moment of this challenge becomes increasingly important.

Park & Charge with ease

Recognizing this, Valtech Mobility has developed a sophisticated solution. In partnership with Parkopedia, we created a solution integrating their Park and Charge API into vehicles' infotainment systems. Powered by the versatile Android Automotive OS (a technology increasingly adopted by OEMs within their ecosystems, with many more poised to follow), this integration doesn’t only locate parking and charging spots but also facilitates direct in-car payment—a pivotal function in the realm of urban mobility.

As champions of a user-centric approach, we adapt features to cater to specific market requirements. In regions like the US, where parking reservation is common, Valtech ensures customization and convenience are at the forefront of all mobility solutions, offering drivers the ease of securing their spot directly from their car's interface.


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Seamless integration with industry-leading technology

The integration features of our Park & Charge offering are robust and versatile, including:

  • Comprehensive parking search

    • Find both on-street and off-street parking spots at your destination.

  • Support for Google Automotive Services (GAS) and Non-GAS ecosystems

    • Meeting the diverse technological needs of modern vehicles.

  • Direct in-car payment for parking and charging

    • A practical and innovative solution that will simplify the mobility experience.

Valtech not only facilitates a unified service but also ensures that this service evolves in tandem with market-specific demands and global technological trends.


Smarter transportation is driving mobility’s future

Our comprehensive product approach is one that spans the entire development spectrum, from initial research, concept creation and development, through to the full life cycle management. This methodology ensures that every aspect of the product is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards. By dedicating resources to extensive research, we ensure that our products are not only innovative but also deeply aligned with market demands and user needs. The journey from an initial concept to a fully realized product is managed with precision, ensuring that each step—from design to deployment and beyond—is executed to deliver solutions that redefine user experiences in urban mobility.

This initiative is at the intersection of convenience and forward-thinking technology. By incorporating Android Automotive OS, Valtech bridges the gap between current needs and future possibilities. This proactive strategy emphasizes our role in sculpting an environment where convenience and customization are not just aspirations but realities for drivers around the world, paving the way for smarter, more connected cities.

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