IoT – The Future of Connected Devices

September 06, 2017

IoT – The Future of Connected Devices

With the evolution of IoT (“Internet of Things”), we will soon witness millions of devices being connected to the internet. These connected devices will communicate with each other and share data seamlessly. In fact, this transition is already happening at a very rapid pace!

It is estimated that around 34 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. Of these devices, an expected 24 billion will be IoT related. In addition, a whopping $6 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions in the coming years.

Tech giants like Amazon and Google have already started investing heavily in the IoT ecosystem. Companies are offering great solutions that require minimal investments. Smart Home IoT solutions help you customize your home and make connected devices communicate better. Imagine arriving home from office to a house that’s been heated or cooled to your desired temperature, all by the tap of a button from your smart phone. Imagine your smart fridge buying ordering groceries on your behalf, and so on…

The healthcare industry can benefit from IoT devices too. For instance, they can be used to help them manage inventories seamlessly or to use patient data to predict any unforeseen health issues.

Another great use of IoT is in the field of sports. Tiny sensors embedded in a cricket field can transmit very useful information over the internet and analysts can then use this data to predict the future of a game!

While the idea is great, the costs for implementation as well as for setting up the necessary IoT ecosystem is still prohibitively expensive for most companies. The challenges are still many and will take time before it becomes more affordable or even profitable. However, forward-thinking businesses have already started adopting it and making solutions that are efficient and secure.

The future is already here, and is creating millions of connected devices which are smart, fast, energy efficient and can do things the way we want them to. Let’s be a part of this next big wave and make the most use of it.

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