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ValtechUK announces transgender policy

Alison Crowley
Executive Director of People & Culture, UK

juni 03, 2024

ValtechUK has recently announced their transgender policy to help support transgender people in their workplace.

According to HRmagazine.co.uk, one in 10 LBQ+ women and trans people feel unsafe at work.

The policy ensures legal protection for trans workers and demonstrates ValtechUK’s intention to create an inclusive environment where all employees feel a strong sense of safety and belonging.

At Valtech, we believe everyone does their best work then they feel accepted for who they are and get the support they need. We are committed to doing everything we can to provide our people with a safe environment.

The policy addresses and includes a transition plan that can be customised to suit the employee’s needs and is designed to make transitioning in the workplace as easy as it can be.

This includes:

  • Supporting the change of official documents.
  • Providing training and awareness sessions so colleagues know how best to support a transitioning colleague.
  • Ensuring we work closely with employee for any individual needs.

We understand that UK waiting list times can be a blocker to trans people who pursue medical care regarding their transition. Valtech is committed to giving a level of financial support to transgender employees who need it. This financial support is an extension of the private medical insurance that

Valtech already offers, enabling our people to tailor their benefits as they need in their lives.

"This policy commits Valtech to the protection and support of the trans people it employs, and reaffirming Valtech’s support for our trans colleagues is another step forward in exhibiting our company value of ‘Care," says Georgina Partington, ValtechUK’s LGBTQ+ Belonging Group leader. "This support ranges across many areas, including financial support, which highlights the importance of this to Valtech."

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