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MACH and MARS: simplifying content and commerce experiences 

Mars Snacking’s adoption of a new Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) strategy has led to a notable achievement, boosting the market introduction and revenue increase of its D2C offerings by 20% within just a year. This success is a testament not only to the strategy’s economic impact but also to the effectiveness of composable commerce for global multi-brand companies. Uncover the strategic factors and outcomes of the LEAP accelerator, a collaborative effort with Valtech and commercetools, which has simplified the use of MACH and driven operational efficiencies.

Innovation for impact: where progress and purpose intersect  

Watch this recording, where we take center stage at D-Congress 2024, proudly sponsoring the ecommerce event of the year. As a prominent force in Retail and omnichannel commerce solutions, Valtech collaborated with commercetools to usher in the next era of ecommerce experiences. Our partnership emphasizes our commitment to empowering the future of exceptional digital interactions.  

Valtech’s recent partnership with Mars represents a groundbreaking example of composable commerce, showcasing an advanced model that enhances revenue through agility and scalability for multi-brand enterprises transitioning to D2C. 

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Casper Rasmussen
Group SVP Technology, Valtech
Danus Chidambaram
Director of Architecture, Digital Solutions, Mars