Let’s talk about UX copy!
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The term UX copy is getting more and more buzz. But what is UX copy? How is it related to UX design? How do you write good UX copy? And why should the UX writer be part of the team, as opposed to someone who fills lorem ipsum gaps? 

Well, let’s talk about that!


This is for anyone who:

  • is interested in UX design in general, and UX copy in particular
  • wants to improve their website, product or service
  • wants to hear me quote Judas Priest




Mikael Carlsson, Copywriter

Mikael Carlsson




”I like to think of myself as an expert generalist in the field of copywriting. I started my career as an old school advertising copywriter but I've since branched out into UX copy, branding, CX copy, content writing, and scriptwriting. And then some. While verbal aspects of branding and communication are my strong suit I don't necessarily limit myself to just a writer. More than that, I'm a creative among other creatives. In close collaboration with clients we'll face any challenge head on. And we'll have fun doing it”